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Cheaper Than Therapy™

Sometimes we just need to let out some anger. What better way to do this than destroying stuff in our RAGE ROOM®? The concept is very simple. Book a session in our smash therapy room, choose your weapon, and just smash things. Bring your friends along for a smashing group experience.

What do you do in the RAGE ROOM® ?

Each session starts with a brief safety tutorial to get you up to speed with the rules of the RAGE ROOM®. Once everyone knows the rules, you pick your weapon of choice. Hammers, crowbars, pipes; you name it, we have it! After picking your weapon, make sure you pick an appropriate soundtrack to your RAGE ROOM® experience. We have an extensive playlist for you to choose from, so you’ll be sure to find something you’ll love.

The room itself is full of a wide variety of breakable objects. We provide pretty much any breakable object you can think of. There are plenty of electronic goods like TVs, computers, etc., and other objects like furniture or plates and cups. Because safety is our number one concern, there’s nothing dangerous in the room, but we know you’ll still have the best time breaking the stuff we provide. Each member of the RAGE ROOM® party gets decked out in safety equipment, including coveralls, face masks, and gloves.

Does using a RAGE ROOM® really work?

We all have to deal with stress in our daily lives. Whether it’s because of work, home, or anything else, the stress can build up and manifest itself in unhelpful ways such as anxiety and high blood pressure. Some people believe the best way to relieve stress and anger is to break things.

So rather than doing this in your own home with your own stuff, come and visit our smash therapy room. This allows you to destroy things without having to worry about the mess or the consequences. After an hour-long session in our room you’ll leave feeling much more relaxed than when you entered.

We see results in our guests within minutes of being in the RAGE ROOM®. Many people join us after a long and stressful day at work, and by the time they leave they’re smiling from ear to ear. Smash therapy provides a great short-term release for built-up stress and is the perfect way to get rid of a hard day’s anger.

In modern society, the desire to destroy things is usually frowned upon as antisocial behavior. That’s where the RAGE ROOM® comes in. We provide a space in which you can smash things and really enjoy yourself without being judged. There’s no need to feel guilty about the mess you make because we take care of all of that for you, and the safety equipment we provide means you won’t have to worry about yourself either. Some come in and let loose!

All of our prices are based on per-person bookings, but we welcome groups too. Our smash therapy rooms would make a great choice for birthday parties and corporate events.